5 Reasons Why Renewing Your CSM is Important for You and Your Company

Nurturing an agile community and empowering a culture of personal growth have never been more important. Learn how renewing your CSM can help.
by Scrum Alliance

At Scrum Alliance, we’re committed to offering real-world value to our community. We’re here to support the growth of our Certified ScrumMasters far beyond a certification course.

Here are a few important benefits we offer that make renewing your CSM worthwhile for you and your company:


  1. Career advancement

    We understand how important it is to stay competitive in today's job market. That's why we offer our certificate-holders a competitive advantage and ongoing support to keep their knowledge relevant in the agile world.

    Demand for scrum masters is higher than ever. Did you know that there are currently over 24,000 job postings for scrum masters? And - we know that employers are visiting our directory daily to see if job applicants have an active certification.  

    Keeping your certification active with Scrum Alliance helps you stay relevant, well-equipped, and best-prepared in a growing field.

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  2. Professional development

    Professional learning and growth continue well beyond your certification course, and Scrum Alliance gives you the resources you need to follow that journey. We offer direct access to a community of industry-leading experts who can
    answer your toughest questions.

    As part of our certificate community, you’ll also be informed on volunteer and user group opportunities, which help you meet agile professionals, network, and gain scrum master experience outside of your work.

    In September 2021, we’ll be launching a path for continued learning for scrum masters. In your dashboard, you’ll find a curation of high-quality, practical resources (such as templates, guides, and activities) for learning and practicing agile skills with your team.

  3. Exclusive content and tools

    We offer our community curated agile content from industry-leading coaches and trainers that include articles, videos, podcasts, and more in our
    Resource Library. The best part is, if you have an active certification with Scrum Alliance, you can access exclusive content that includes practical activities, templates, and checklists for you and your team. And - you can now see content that’s been rated for usefulness, and get insight into its value from fellow scrum masters. Also - our Resource Library automatically tracks your SEUs as you engage with content.

    We also offer exclusive personal improvement and assessment tools. As a CSM, you can track your growth, learn, and connect with peers by using the ScrumMaster Personal Improvement tool. 

    Included with your ongoing certification is also access to Comparative Agility - an agility assessment platform that helps teams and organizations benchmark team performance and facilitate meaningful conversations so they can take action to improve team agility, psychological safety, and more.

  4. Discounts

    Being part of an agile network is integral for the growth of scrum masters. Attending our virtual and in-person events allow you to connect, network, job search, and learn. Participating in events can be costly, so to make attending more accessible, we offer our certificants registration discounts.

  5. Be part of a mission-driven movement

Since becoming an accredited nonprofit organization in 2006, Scrum Alliance has funded over four million dollars worth of grassroots community programs and user groups throughout the world. 


Here are some of the things you’ve helped us accomplish:

    • Support over 150 user groups
    • Sponsor thousands of third party events and gatherings
    • Create high-quality professional development resources

We deeply care about investing in our agile community, and your continued renewal and support allow us to do so. Learn more about how renewing supports our community.


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