Comparative Agility: ScrumMaster Personal Improvement Tool

A dedicated resource for Certified ScrumMasters® to grow in their profession and connect with their community.

At Scrum Alliance, we know how important it is to have access to tools and resources that will help you thrive.

Now, Certified ScrumMasters® (CSM) have exclusive access to the ScrumMaster Personal Improvement Tool, designed with Comparative Agility.

The ScrumMaster Personal Improvement Tool is a free member benefit designed by our agile community for our agile community. Start your journey of improving as a ScrumMaster today. 

The ScrumMaster Personal Improvement Tool includes a self-assessment survey with progress tracking capability, curated recommendations for improving in key ScrumMaster areas, and a Community Board.

The Community Board is an online forum where you can ask questions and get answers from experts and fellow ScrumMasters. By using the “Ask an Expert” feature, CSMs can ask experts (certified Coaches and Trainers) questions directly. CSMs can also discuss publicly and engage with the wider CSM community.

With the Personal Improvement Tool, CSMs can assess their strengths and identify opportunities for learning and growth as ScrumMasters.

If you're a CSM, here's how you can access the tool:

Step 1: If you are logged into your Scrum Alliance account, hover over "Hello, ___" in the top right corner and click on Member Dashboard. If you are not logged in, log in now
Step 2: Scroll down to Member Benefits 
Step 3: Click on ScrumMaster PI tool
Step 4: Login or Activate your account
Step 5: Take the ScrumMaster PI Survey
Step 6: Explore everything the PI tool offers

Why is it important to my role as a ScrumMaster?
Personal improvement and growth is an important part of the ScrumMaster journey. Use the Personal Improvement Tool to engage with fellow CSMs, learn from agile experts, and continue on your professional development path.

What is the ScrumMaster Personal Improvement tool?
The tool consists of a role-specific survey with progress tracking capability, curated recommendations based on your specific areas of improvement, and a Community Board for discussion and further learning.

Who can access it?
This tool is currently only available to Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMasters®. If you are interested in becoming CSM certified, you can find a course here
Access the tool through your Scrum Alliance dashboard.


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