AI & Agility: A Comprehensive Introduction

Free Online Course: Drive progress by confidently integrating artificial intelligence into the way you work.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
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Beginner-level course

Prerequisites: None

Time investment: 2.5 hours (approximate)

Learning format: Pre-recorded video

Learning award: Certificate of completion

Cost: Free

Use AI to optimize how you work

Find out how you can use AI tools to deliver more effectively at work and stand out as an adept user of rapidly accelerating technologies. Take this course to:

  • Leverage AI to enhance how you work. Find out how effective, ethical prompts for AI chatbots generate outputs that free up your time for creativity, strategy, and innovation. Drive more effective product development, become a supremely organized project manager, create excellent code faster, or excel in any professional capacity by adapting to AI tools.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with AI in an agile environment. See how you can use AI to improve how your agile team works together today. Get a glimpse of the future and understand how you can future-proof your skill set with AI literacy.
  • Demonstrate your AI know-how to employers and clients. Earn a certificate upon completion of this course to showcase your knowledge and boost the credentials section of your resume. 

Who should take this course

This course is right for anyone who wants to master emerging AI technologies. Learn how artificial intelligence can augment what you do, delivering what you need so you can focus on the most impactful work. If you want to be among the early adopters who drive the future of work by understanding and using these new tools, then this course is designed for you.

AI & Agility is great for anyone who wants to know how artificial intelligence and agile product development intersect. Even if you've never worked on an agile team before, you'll see how a few simple principles behind this way of working can support your utilization of AI tools.

Accelerate your career as an AI-capable professional

What you'll get from this course:

Understand the history of agility and AI (and how they intersect), get ready-to-use tools and tactics for working with AI, and see some of the possibilities for how these technologies may evolve and shift our professional roles in the future. Plus, with a certificate of completion from BadgeCert, you can easily showcase your new AI & Agility competency to employers and recruiters.

Here's what you can expect from AI & Agility:

  • Earn a certificate of completion at the end of the course
  • Self-paced: View the course videos and written material whenever and wherever you want
  • Reinforce what you learned with knowledge checks at the end of each module
  • Take a quiz to test yourself and earn your certificate

The AI & Agility course has been reviewed by Adrian Perreau de Pinninck and Jan Neudecker.

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