Women in Agile's Launching New Voices at the Gathering

Gagan Marwaha's story
by Gagan Marwaha

Launching New Voices (LNV) is a platform for amplifying the voices of women in agile. A program of the Women in Agile® community, Launching New Voices is an opportunity for agilists to expand on their conference speaking experience through mentorship and presenting a short talk at agile conferences around the world, including our Global Scrum Gatherings.

The Launching New Voices program is currently gearing up for a session at the Global Scrum Gathering 2023 Amsterdam! Below, Gagan Marwaha tells us about her experience as an LNV speaker at the 2023 Global Scrum Gathering in Portland.

“Wow – I love your Alice story! Where have you been all along?” exclaimed Antoinette, my gracious Women in Agile®: Launching New Voices conference speaker mentor, during our very first connection across the continents, as I prepared myself to speak at the coveted Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gathering in Portland, Oregon. She was like a breath of fresh air, holding the space for me so beautifully the entire time. 

Leading up to this, all these years, I had been fiercely immersed in starring in my very own magical agile adventure. “Alice through the Forest Seasons: An Impactful Transformation Journey,” the topic of my talk, is a cherished piece of my heart, inspired by the 'Alice in Wonderland' story. All along, I was serene in the confidence that this is worthy of sharing at a prestigious global platform.

And the Universe conspired to make it happen! I was cherry-picked, sponsored, and cradled to showcase my enchanting agile journey by the nurturing Launching New Voices program team at Women in Agile, in partnership with the formidable Scrum Alliance. Time was ripe for me to pay it forward. Hence, I approached this opportunity very purposefully, as an offering and gift to serve our global community.

I geared up for D-Day with intense practice at a forest trail near my home. I visualized my metaphorical story unfolding on the stage. I was very intentional about the finesse with which it would flow. I consciously chose to offer my audience an out-worldly, dream-like experience, steeped in curiosity and amplifying the magic. 

On the momentous day, I was in my element. There was so much synchronicity in the air, not just with the Mount Hood backdrop in the City of Roses surrounded by forests, but also with the spontaneous and surreal connections with everyone around.

The hero of my story was Alice, but — unbeknownst to the audience — Alice and I are one and the same. My multi-layered story subtly unveiled before everyone. The Alice journey mingled with the forest seasons, with pertinent agility aspects, personal leadership transformation sprinkled with butterfly effect, intricately woven in as a tapestry. Towards the finale, as I revealed that I was the real Alice, time stood still. There was a palpable silence in the hall, followed by a rising crescendo of applause. The world had come together to celebrate the spirit of agility. 

Afterwards, as I walked towards the hallway, amidst many kudos, one particularly sparkled vividly: “When you write your book, I will be the first one to buy it". At that moment, I knew that Alice had already touched a chord with our community. It was such a poignant homecoming for me. I had a growing realization that authentic stories go full circle and really belong to our Agile world at large, evoking new possibilities to inspire, shape, and enrich our collective experiences. 

“When you write your book, I will be the first one to buy it".

Rest assured, there will be many more riveting Alice stories going places in the times to come. But the glowing experience of sharing this one at stellar Global Scrum Gathering will always remain my shining star.

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