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Launch Your Agile Career: Beyond the Classroom Event

In the ever-changing global economy, agile roles are in demand. With more companies undergoing agile transformations, we’re seeing an increase in agile roles in the marketplace, and according to experts, these jobs will remain in demand for years to come. In fact, agile roles, including agile coach, Scrum Master and product owner were listed in the World Economic Forum's Jobs of Tomorrow Report. Product owner was included in LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report and Scrum Master was listed in Forbes’ 50 Best Jobs List.

More and more companies are implementing agile practices because agility is good for business. We learned from the 2020 Business Agility Report that companies who adopt business agility practices see improvements in customer satisfaction, faster speed to market, and even better adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“You can meaningfully impact people’s lives with [agility]. It’s not just blowing smoke. It’s real.” -John Kern, Co-Author of the Agile Manifesto.

A More Joyful Workplace 

Not only are agile roles growing in demand, they tend to be more desirable, joyful and fulfilling. Agile jobs offer a sustainable workload, opportunities for creativity and innovation, and higher employee satisfaction, according to the Business Agility Institute. Companies who implement agile methodologies also experience higher employee engagement and a lower rate of employee turnover

“The great thing about agile is that it makes you self-reflect and ask yourself, what do I really want? We’ve found a way to be agile with our lives and our families and our vacations. It’s the way we live our lives”  Brian Rabon, Certified Scrum Trainer.

A great way to transition to an agile role, as over one million Scrum Alliance certification holders can attest, is to achieve a Scrum or agile certification, but there is much more to thriving in your agile career than getting certified. That’s why we’re hosting our first-ever virtual career event on 22 April 2021, Launch Your Agile Career: Beyond the Classroom. This expert-led professional development opportunity is designed to help you take your agile career to the next level, whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for years. 

The Tools You Need to Launch your Agile Career 

Join us for a half-day virtual event where you’ll network with fellow agilists in facilitated sessions and tune in to lightning talks and sessions by agile and recruiting professionals, including

  • Path from Project Manager to Scrum Master

  • Humans are hard, Code is easy - How to Set Yourself Apart as a Developer 

  • Job Hunting for Diversity & Inclusion 

  • And so much more

Register for Launch Your Agile Career: Beyond the Classroom and get ready to land your agile dream job. 


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