The Business Agility Report: Special Edition by Scrum Alliance

Cover art for The Business Agility Report: Special Edition by Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance is pleased to bring you this special edition of the 2020 Global Business Agility Report, originally commissioned and published by Business Agility Institute

This special edition version includes our perspective on what the data actually means for businesses who are looking for better ways to work. We touch on the benefits of business agility, especially amidst COVID-19, and how to overcome some common obstacles that come with organizational change. We also include dedicated Coaching Corners, where a coach speaks directly to how to apply a particular concept or approach a unique challenge presented in the report.

Whether you’re a business leader at the brink of an agile transformation or an agile coach interested in industry trends, the exclusive insights included in this special edition will help to paint a vivid picture of the state of business agility. 

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