Agile Event Roundup: October-December 2021

Connect with the agile community and discover professional development opportunities with this roundup of agile events
by Scrum Alliance
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Make connections at agile events around the globe! Please mark your calendar and join in for the following events.

In the Spotlight

The Journeys of 7 Black Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coaches and Certified Enterprise Coaches

The Journey of 7 Black Scrum Alliance Coaches
Saturday, October 30th, 10-11AM ET / 14:00 to 15:00 UTC

Join a panel discussion of seven black coaches sharing their experience becoming Certified Agile Coaches and the importance of increasing diversity in the agile coaching community. 

Global Scrum GatheringSM Denver 2022
June 5-8, 2022

Mark your calendar because Global Gatherings are BACK! We'll celebrate all things agile with real learning and connection. The signature event is in our home town and we cannot wait to show you around.




Regional Scrum GatheringSM Belgrade
October 7-8, 2021

This worldwide known agile event is, for the first time, happening in this part of Europe and Belgrade is incredibly happy to be the chosen one as a host! Agile Serbia will proudly organize this regional occasion and share wonderful ideas, create memorable friendships, and meet fantastic people!

2021 Women in Agile Open
October 8-9, 2021

Women In Agile Open is a not for profit event powered by open space technology. It is not your average open space. Why we gather has become our anthem — embracing the principles and law of open space as a part of our mindset.

October 27, 2021

Fresh ideas for your org + networking for you + agility for everyone 




Regional Scrum GatheringSM Taipei
November 4-6, 2021

This is the first large-scale international event held in Taiwan by Scrum Alliance.

Regional Scrum GatheringSM Peru
November 17-20, 2021

Four mornings of online Conference, of sharing and learning, of agility and scrum in an official event of Scrum Alliance® where we will gather 600 agilists, 25 Speakers, 5 Keynotes and 12 countries.


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