Essential Technical Capabilities: Four Activities for Successful Incremental Software Development

In this interactive session, learn how four technical practices can help your team deliver software in a well-balanced work environment.

Rob Myers describes and diagrams the core four technical practices—diligent refactoring, test/behavior-driven development, continuous integration, and pair/mob programming. He then explores the dynamics between them.

After watching this webinar, you will be able to:

This session is part of the Continuous Improvement webinar series, in which presenters share their expertise and highlight the tools available to Scrum Alliance certificate holders from Comparative Agility. 

Rob Myers has 35 years of professional experience in software development and has been mentoring teams in agile techniques since 1998. His courses blend fun, practical, hands-on coding labs; advanced learning techniques; and relevant first-person stories from both successful and not-so-successful agile implementations.

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