Why Scaling Agility So Often Fails (And What to Do About It)

Many of us turn to scaling agile teams to transform an enterprise. After all, capturing the heightened collaboration, innovation, pace, and adaptiveness of agile teams should hypothetically lead to being faster to market, better at delivering excellent customer solutions, and should set you apart from the competition. At least, those are some of the promises of agile we’re all working toward.

But agile scaling endeavors often fail. If they don’t outright fail, these scaling efforts often feel challenging—perhaps the methods you’re using don’t quite seem to fit your organization, or a scaling solution that worked for a while hasn’t evolved with your business. What can you do?

There is a sustainable approach to scaling agility. Within all of the scaling frameworks, methodologies, and solutions people have been trying to implement are foundational principles of agility that can help you approach this growth in a way that is tailored to your organization, and that grows and evolves with your organization.

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For close to 20 years, Adrian has been interested in modern approaches to management. He has been working as an organisational consultant since 2012, in which time he has coached and trained startups and Fortune 500s in sectors as diverse as telecommunications, advertising, automotive, travel, aerospace, utilities, pharmaceutical, IT and banking. His mission is to grow healthy organizations. Adrian is a regular speaker at conferences, he has presented at 5 editions of the Spanish national Agile conference (CAS), four Global Scrum Gatherings, one Agile Lean Europe, and one Agiles (Latam Agile Conference). He is the Open Space facilitator for the Spanish edition of the SoCraTes conference since the first edition in 2016. Adrian is also a lecturer for masters degrees at the Ramon Llull University and ESADE (top 10 business schools worldwide). He has trained over 1000 people in Agile and Scrum. Adrian holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, is a Certified Scrum Trainer by the Scrum Alliance and has undergone a Program on Management Development at IESE. He has managed projects ranging from applied research to change management in large companies, with an emphasis on quality and innovation. He is currently the CIO at Voxel Group, which was deemed “Great Place to Work®” two years in a row, and continues to do consulting and training through Partnos. Previously, he managed the team in charge of putting in place Continuous Delivery in the fastest growing IT company in Europe while it was going public. The project lasted over a year with a team of 10 dedicated engineers. The cycle times for delivering new functionality in production went from 60 days to 15 and merge times went from 20 days to less than a day.

Nigel Baker works as an Agile Coach, Consultant and Certified Scrum Trainer via his company, AgileBear Ltd. Nigel is working with a range of companies across the IT sector and beyond, helping them use Scrum to achieve their Project, Product and organisational needs. Nigel Baker has been a leading Agile Coach for a decade. He was one of the leading Agile consultant and coaches working with BT - The largest telecommunications company in the UK. He has a BSc (Hons) from the University of Bristol in Computer Science and has been a ScrumAlliance Certified Scrum Trainer since 2007. His sixteen year background in the IT industry includes roles as a Software Engineer, Project Manager and ScrumMaster within tactical (RAD), waterfall and Agile project teams. Nigel has spent the last decade as an Agile consultant travelling the UK, Europe and the United States, acting as mentor, coach, trainer and change agent. Since 2007, Nigel has been travelling across the world using this experience to help mentor other companies through their Agile transformations. Clients range from small design houses to the largest media and telecommunication companies in the world. Nigel particularly focusses on the extremes - The largest Enterprises and the coolest SMEs. Nigel is not allowed to name the companies here - but pick any large successful technical organisation and Nigel is likely to have worked with them. He has worked all across the world helping people get the best from themselves for themselves with Scrum. Nigel's particular interests are in getting Enterprises back to basics. Using Scrum in distributed teams at an Enterprise scale. Nigel recently has been working in the media and NGO sectors using Scrum in non IT environments.

I coach individuals, teams, and organizations in finding new ways to connect with their work and each other, improve their effectiveness, and reach their goals. Accruing experience with business leaders and agile environments since 2004, I became one of three Certified Enterprise Coach's in Canada in 2010 and have been working with individuals, teams, and leaders to help transform oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing, and construction businesses. A background including P.Eng. and PMP accreditation also provides me with a pragmatic approach to product, team, and organizational development.

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