Get Coached at the Gathering

How a 15-Minute Coaching Session Can Have a Lasting Impact

The Power of Coaching

The community of coaches that are part of the Scrum Alliance network is one of the reasons I continue to be a part of the organization and renew my certifications. The community is tight-knit yet is still welcoming to newcomers, experienced yet still humble and open to learning and new experiences. It is a group of people that are unfailingly generous, thoughtful, and helpful, no matter the circumstance. Did I say experienced?

We are proud to boast some of the world’s most highly regarded agile coaches in our Certified Enterprise Coaches (CEC) and Certified Team Coaches (CTC) community. But we are still growing and welcoming new coaches who are equally qualified into our space. The Coaching Clinic at the upcoming Global Scrum Gathering is a wonderful way to experience the power and impact of that community up close and personally.

As a member of our coaching community and a longtime organizer of the Coaching Clinic at the Global Scrum Gathering, I wanted to share more about the clinic and the incredible opportunity that gathering attendees have to…Be Coached!

What is the Coaching Clinic?

The clinic is a safe space for coaching where everybody can come to receive personalized and relevant coaching for whatever issues they face. Our Coaching Clinic team is composed of high-quality volunteers from our coaching community who want to continue to refine their coaching skills as well as give back to the community. At the gathering, we pair them with gathering attendees who seek coaching. That coach can take many forms — teacher, sounding board, advisor, mentor, guide, or simply a good listener.

Often the coaching takes the form of situational coaching or career coaching. Nothing related to the client’s growth and well-being is off-limits.

Hours at the Coaching Clinic

The clinic is scheduled to run each day of the gathering. So, there’s no reason you can’t reach out for coaching.

Why Should I Get Coached?

Perhaps this experience story from Lynda Menge can help you understand the powerful "why" of the clinic—

In April 2016 I attended my first Scrum Gathering. As the opening ceremony started, they were showing that 56% were first time Scrum Gathering attendees. That was over half the people there, I was not the only first timer. As the Gathering went on, I attended the Open Space and I met Roger Brown, his open space had to do with becoming an Agile Coach. He then invited me to come by the Coaches Clinic.

Here is when the gathering became very inspiring…meeting Bob Galen.

I went to the Coaches Clinic and asked for Roger and the person who greeted me was Bob. He told me that Roger had taken a break and would be back later, so I replied I will come back later. Before I could leave, he invited me into the clinic and said, “Would you like to come in and talk about Coaching with me”? How could I not, Bob had greeted me with a warm welcome. We sat down and he asked about my Agile career and I noticed right away he was a good listener. One of the best traits of a GREAT Coach. In those 15 minutes I was inspired!! Before the gathering ended, I went back to the Coaches Clinic, not to look for Roger Brown but to look for Bob to continue our coaching conversations.

This April will mark my six-year anniversary of meeting this amazing Agile Coach who changed my life that day. His 15 minutes of mentoring that day in April 2016 was an enriching experience. Bob has been a big part of my life the last six years.

The “why” can be summed up as building your relationships with our fantastic community of coaches. These are experienced coaches who are focused on helping colleagues in the community become, simply put, better.

Now What?

We hope to see you at the clinic!


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