Identifying Customer-Stakeholder Requirements

According to the Scrum Guide, we know that the 'Product Backlog is an ordered list of everything that might be needed in the product and is the single source of requirements for any changes to be made to the product.' We also know that product backlogs evolve, that requirements never stop changing, and that the product and the backlog that guides its ongoing evolution should be responsive to market dynamics. What Scrum doesn't define is how a Scrum Product Owner and a Scrum Team can identify customer and stakeholder requirements at scale. This webinar explored frameworks that Product Owners can leverage to identify customer and stakeholder requirements, and ensure that these are shared effectively across multiple Scrum Teams.



Luke Hohmann is the founder and CEO of Conteneo Inc. (formerly the Innovation Games® Company). Conteneo’s enterprise software platforms and professional services merge collaboration frameworks, data analytics, and domain expertise to help organizations optimize decision making in the areas of strategy, innovation, sales, product development, and market research. Luke is also cofounder of Every Voice Engaged Foundation (EVEF), a 501(c)3 nonprofit that that helps citizens, governments, and other nonprofit organizations collaborate at scale to solve technical and wicked problems. EVEF has been a leader in the Participatory Budgeting movement, helping citizens prioritize hundreds of millions of dollars through budget games. EVEF has also partnered with the Kettering Foundation to create Common Ground for Action, the first platform for scalable deliberative decision making. Supported by both Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance, Luke is thankful for the thousands of colleagues from the Agile community who have donated their time to EVEF.

Mike Northcott is passionate about helping teams get unstuck and moving forward so that they can achieve their greatest ambitions. As an executive consultant with concentration in business, strategy, and innovation, Mike has over 15 years of direct consulting experience with clients large and small across a broad range of industries. In addition to strong analytical and communication abilities, his facilitative skills range from designing and delivering large group (75+ participants) multi-day events, to small, virtual team planning sessions. With a business background that includes line management experience in global marketing, R&D, and supply chain operations, he brings a wealth of practical knowledge and systems thinking to his engagements. As Hewlett-Packard’s VP of Global Operations Strategy, Mike led its $50 billion supply chain social responsibility team, Lean Sigma, and strategic planning functions.

For Megann Willson, understanding customers and stakeholders — and what they need — begins with one question: What will you do when you find out? Her premise is that no customer should be subjected to pointless fishing expeditions. A skilled strategist and facilitator with a penchant for Product Management, Megann has honed her skills in Business-to-Business, Technology, and Pharmaceuticals, before partnering to found PANOPTIKA, in 2001. Megann is a long-time member of the American Marketing Association, with an MBA from Queen’s University. She is also a long-time Innovation Games® facilitator who encourages product managers and start-ups to look beyond the survey and work from the customer, user, or stakeholder’s viewpoint.

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