A Deep Dive into the Skills in the New World of Work Report

As the great philosopher Jon Bon Jovi said, "Map out your future - but do it in pencil. The road ahead is as long as you make it. Make it worth the trip." 

So, what road(s) are you going to take? And what skills are you going to need to get there?

But when the skills that were once in demand are no longer enough, it's critical that you adapt to the new landscape. But how do you know what you need for the future?

This year, the Scrum Alliance and Business Agility Institute have teamed up to investigate the question "Which Skills Are Most in Demand Today?". During this workshop, we'll explore the findings of that research and, most importantly, what it means for you; from career mosaics and portfolio careers to the next evolution of coaching skills.

There's no question that agile has become a mainstay in the world of work. In technology and product teams, it has become an established way of working in millions of organizations. But we've also seen a year with an unprecedented number of layoffs of agile roles in particular.

So what does this mean for those who have developed themselves as agilists? For individuals, agile-related skills and experience have become a requirement for many careers. However on their own, it's becoming clear taht these skills are simply not enough. Fewer organizations are recruiting agile specialists (such as coaches), instead looking for individuals who can bring agile acumen and related skills to every role.

This webinar is for everyone mapping out their future - just remember to do it in pencil. It features the entire presentation as well as the Question & Answer sessions from both webinars.

Download the report now to get insights into the top skills employers look for when hiring, the rise of "pi-shaped" competencies, current skill gaps in the workforce, and how future-proofing your career may hinge on building both technical proficiency and excellent agile skills.

Download your copy of the "Skills in the New World of Work" report today!



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