Agile Hardware Development with Scrum

"Agile Hardware Development" is a recent innovation that is not yet well understood. In this presentation, we began by clarifying what the term means, and then focused on the basic concepts of developing hardware with the Scrum framework. While Scrum can be an effective approach for hardware development, the practicalities of "Scrum for Hardware" can differ substantially from, or even violate, norms commonly seen in the software world. We explored these differences at a level of detail intended to make the transition to hardware development a realistic possibility for people who are well-versed in Scrum.



Kevin has a doctorate in Physics from Princeton University and an extensive background in managing software development projects. He specializes in training individuals, teams, and organizations in agile development. Dr. Thompson helps companies make the challenging transition to agile development by working with development teams and business stakeholders to identify their needs, define the right process for the business, determine the steps needed to implement the process, and work through the steps successfully.

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