Using Agile to Build Your Career & Stay Relevant in an Ever-Changing Job Market

An Agile mindset is intimately linked with an ability to navigate the complex job market, stay relevant and continually grow in your career. Gone are the days of just climbing a ladder and instead career development is now a fantastic adventure exploring the ups, downs, and sideways movements that continually evolve your T-shape. In this session we'll explore core skills to cultivate and the Agile techniques you can apply day-to-day to build your career. Key outcomes include how to build a career development backlog and prioritize career actions to ensure you're ready to take the next job opportunity that comes along.

About Our Speaker

Natal Dank helps co-create awesome places to work. Following over a decade in senior HR roles, Natal is seen as a pioneer in Agile HR, and helps organizations build amazing employee experience, like a customer journey, full of moments that matter for their people and brand. In 2016 Natal hosted the first Agile HR Meetup in London, which has since grown into a regular worldwide event. A year later she co-founded the Agile HR Community and has recently published the book, Agile HR. Now, through PXO Culture, Natal is focused on modernizing HR and people practices for the 21st Century.  


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