The Scrum Master Journey Panel

by Scrum Alliance

Expert Panel - The Scrum Master Journey

Melissa Boggs shares her journey with Scrum and encourages you to build upon and share your own story with others. Panel includes Devon Morris, Geoff Watts, and Bonsy Yelsangi.

Questions asked include: 

  • “What advice would you give to someone starting out as a Scrum Master?”
  • “How do I get started as a Scrum Master with no experience?”
  • “How do you see people using agile to make a difference in the world?”
  • “What is something you were wrong about when you started with Scrum?”
  • And more practical questions about the application of Scrum


Lightning Talks

In addition to this compelling expert panel, we recorded 9 lightning talks from something to something. Catch these 15-20 minute talks with more in-depth tips and insights to take your Scrum Mastery to the next level. 

Scrum Mastery: Beyond the Classroom, October 2020 Lightning Talks

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