Fostering Collaboration and Student Growth in Schools

How Agility in the Classroom Empowers Students and Educators

Scrum Alliance is working to transform the world of K-12 education by empowering educators who are eager to innovate learning that inspires students and makes positive impacts in their lives. Introducing Scrum and Agile into the classroom can help students become ready for the world of work while still meeting curriculum standards. The Educator’s workload is reduced when students learn to self-manage, giving teachers more time to focus on fostering healthy collaboration and student growth.

Watch these two videos to learn more about how Scrum and Agile can be utilized in the classroom to facilitate student engagement. 

The Hope School Agile Story

Established in 2003, HOPE High School served at-risk students, including those with histories of gang involvement or teen parenthood. Most HOPE students lived below the poverty line. Facing unique challenges from a student body so unlike that of the average public school, Principal Krissyn Sumare sought an innovative management structure from Agile and Scrum. After introducing the framework, students reported having more trust in their peers and learned new methods of collaboration. Hope High School is no longer open, but their audacity is an example of how the Agile mindset can drive transformation in a variety of non-traditional team-based settings. 

The Grandview Preperatory School Agile Story

Grandview Preparatory School used Scrum and Agile to step into 21st-century learning. Grandview Prep’s founding vision focused on offering an experience that was suited to the learner and not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Realizing students have the ability to adapt at a rapid pace, Grandview sought to tap-in to this natural momentum and efficiency by introducing a framework that can harness this energy. With help from Agile Coach John Miller, one of the creator’s of the Agile Certified Educator program, Grandview introduced Scrum and Agile into their day-to-day learning. Students experienced a shift towards teamwork, away from the old “regurgitate style of learning,” as Student Ricky Rose observed. Grandview Preparatory School is an example of how Agile in Education can integrate the Scrum Values into curriculum structures while enabling students to develop key life skills. 


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