Why DevOps?

by Scrum Alliance, Catherine Louis, Kevin Jenkins
Duration: 2 hours 0 minutes
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Description: This course is a simple introduction and insight into the world of DevOps. It is so much more than programming from its history, culture and processes. It also varies from team to team on how they incorporate DevOps into their work. Some organizations have fully dedicated DevOps teams whereas smaller organizations might not but still utilize the practices in their work.

The course aligns with the following Certified Scrum Developer Learning Objectives

  • 3.2 explain at least one agile design practice on an agile team.
  • 6.3 describe at least one advantage of an automated build, test, measure pipeline

The course aligns with the following Advanced Certified Scrum Developer learning objective:


  • 7.1 define Continuous Delivery (CD) and discuss at least three benefits.


Course Length and SEUs

  • 120 minutes and worth 2 SEUs

Course Sections:

  • Status Quo: The Beginning
  • Challenges: Getting a Handle on DevOps
  • Help Arrives!: A DevOps Pipeline
  • Discovery: Learning and Involvement
  • Resources

Who are we trying to help with this course?

  • Those that are new to DevOps or just beginning with their DevOps journey. 

Course created in collaboration with subject matter experts: (Will be added soon)

Catherine Louis is a Certified Scrum Trainer™, independent Agile coach, and founder of the cll-group.com . Her focus is helping product development organizations move from “problem” to “product” creating value as soon as possible using a lean, continuous-flow framework toward building speed and flexibility in business. As a coach she helps design agile organizations, enabling autonomous product teams to thrive. You can reach her @catherinelouis or linkedin.com/in/catherinelouis

Kevin Jenkins is Director, Technology at Metafora. He's been in software delivery and leadership for over 20 years across a number of industries and different types of organizations - from startups to large enterprises. Kevin's passion is promoting organizational culture and elevating delivery performance through continuously evolving Agile and engineering practices. 

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