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The path to agility is never complete, even the most seasoned agilists encounter obstacles  throughout their agile journeys. During the Women in Scrum Panel at the Global Scrum Gathering 2022 Denver + Beyond, atendees had the unique opportunity to pose questions to industry trailblazers and emerging voices in the agile space. The Panel was compiled of scrum professionals— women with a diversity of backgrounds and agile experience ranging from agile coach and scrum trainer to product owner. These experts have been where you are and can help you find the path forward.  

Our panelists will shared their experiences working in a male-dominated (and predominately white) field as well as their perspectives on the future of scrum and agile in the ever-changing world of work. They touched on real-world agility and real-life applications of scrum and agile in imperfect work settings.  


Meet the Women in Scrum Panelists


Anu Smalley is a Moderator for GSGDEN22 Women in Scrum Panel


Anu Smalley - Moderator

Anu is the President and Founder of Capala Consulting Group, LLC where she specializes in executive coaching and agile transformations. She is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Agile Leadership-Educator (CAL-E), Certified Path to CSP educator, Coactive Professional Certified Coach (CPCC) and International Coaching Federation Associated Certified Coach (ICF-ACC). Anu has helped companies in banking, insurance and reinsurance, travel, gaming software, legal, benefits management, software consulting, healthcare. She has more than 13 years of agile implementation, coaching, and transformation experience.

Anu has chaired Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gatherings 3 times, speaks frequently at conferences and meetups around the world, and actively contributes to Women in Agile and other volunteer



Sara Capra is a panelist for the GSGDEN22 Women in Scrum Panel


Sara Capra

Sara Capra is an experienced product leader focused on data-informed, product-led growth. Throughout her 10 years in the tech space, Sara has led product development and partnerships for over a dozen mobile and web applications, impacting hundreds of thousands of users.  Sara has worked with cross-functional teams around the world and managed teams in product, sales, and marketing. An advocate for mentorship and coaching, she has also spent much of her career supporting individuals in their personal and career growth.




Bonsy Yelsangi is a GSGDEN22 Women in Scrum Panelist


Bonsy Yelsangi

Bonsy is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and an agile coach based in Texas, with over 17 years of experience. She is the founder and CEO of Attain Agility. With decades of experience helping a diverse range of clients including aerospace, federally funded centers, defense contractors, media, remote managed services, luxury real estate, aviation, automotive, hospitals, community college and private wealth management. She helps individuals, teams, business departments, project managers and senior executives in developing an agile mindset and delivering value frequently to their customers.



Kemmy Raji is a Panelist at Product Ownership: Beyond the Classroom


Kemmy Raji

Kemmy Raji is the Scrum Alliance's first female Certified Agile Coach in Canada. She holds the Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Team Coach (CTC) certifications. In addition, she has gained coaching certifications such as Coactive, ORSC. For the past 15 years, Kemmy continues to coach executives around business and agile transformation while working with teams to explore different ways of working efficiently.

Kemmy is passionate about contributing to and impacting the agile community across the world. She does this by volunteering at events, speaking at conferences, and meetups and blogging her experience on her personal website. She also is a member of the Agile Alliance Board of Directors. Outside of the agile community, Kemmy is the Founder of APTEI, an NGO based in Nigeria that helps to keep children from disadvantaged backgrounds in school. Her vision is to alleviate poverty through education and transform the lives of children by securing their future.



Kate Megaw is a GSGDEN22 Women in Scrum Panelist


Kate Megaw

Kate Megaw is the Founder and CEO of ARCLight Agile where she specializes in working with organizations on their #JourneytoAgility. She helps teams on their journey to empowerment and collaboration, to achieve faster decision making and therefore a focus on customers and their rapidly changing needs. Kate works with leaders throughout the organization to create a more agile approach to leadership that encourages innovation, flexibility, and empowered teams, allowing organizations to achieve their purpose. Kate is a dynamic Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Project Management Professional (PMP), and Certified Team Coach (CTC), with over 20 years working in education, operations, project management, IT, and consulting.

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