Agile Coaching Retreat Live Online 2020

A Message from the Coaching Advisory Team
Agile Coaching Retreat Live Online 2020

Agile Coaching Retreats are held in a variety of spectacular locations around the world, several times a year. However, many people are unable to travel right now due to travel restrictions. Scrum Alliance and their Coaching Advisory Team aren’t going to let that stop us from helping support and develop agile coaches around the world and are proud to announce our latest iteration of the Agile Coaching Retreat, the Agile Coaching Retreat Live Online! This is a virtual event that everyone can share in, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Each member of the Coaching Advisory Team has been working like crazy to help create the best virtual Agile Coaching Retreat possible. Scrum Alliance is committed to these events because they are opportunities for coaches to connect, share their knowledge, and help aspiring coaches. These retreats are a great way for them to start their coaching journey and to pursue the guide level certification of Certified Agile CoachSM.

To find out how the Coaching Advisory Team members feel about this event, we’ve invited them to share their feelings on the event, by region. We hope you will find this informative, and that you connect with their thoughts.

North America


Elena Aminova

I am excited to be part of this passionate group of agile coaches forming the Scrum Alliance Coaching Advisory Team (CAT). CAT members have a true passion toward transforming the world of Agile Coaching and are excited to provide a virtual opportunity to coaches around the world to network, learn, and grow in their art of coaching over the week. Whether you are looking to focus on the skill of professional coaching, ability to coach at a team or organizational level, understand the psychology of coaching or explore the world of coaching - this retreat is for YOU - every day of the week - across all time zones and in two languages! Put it all together on Friday and grow personally as an Agile Coach. Representing the North American team, Brock, Stacey, and I look forward to seeing everyone virtually and then in person at the Agile Coaching Retreat in Banff, Canada in 2021.



Brock Argue

I was looking forward to connecting with all you amazing coaches in person for the Agile Coaching Retreat in Banff, Canada this September. Since meeting in person this year is not possible, I’m super excited that the Agile Coaching Retreat has been moved online. When life gives you lemons…and all that. Being online allows us to include more people and expand our reach across the world.

Developing great coaches in the agile space is a passion of mine and I’m proud to work with the Coaching Advisory Team to bring you this year’s Agile Coaching Retreat Live Online. This event provides many opportunities to learn from experienced coaches, network, and explore your journey towards becoming a Certified Agile Coach.

Not to worry...the ACR in Banff will be moving ahead in 2021. Stay tuned!


Stacey Louie

As the past co-organizer of the 2019 Scrum Alliance North America Agile Coaching Retreat, it’s thrilling to help co-create a global event for agile coaches and to collaborate with volunteers from around the world. I am grateful to serve the agile community for this inaugural virtual event and serve like-minded coaches. 

Central and South America

Mauricio Robles

Trying to bring a live event to Mexico left me with a great deal of learnings, unfortunately we couldn’t make it happen due to the situation currently affecting the world.

Moving to an online format has provided us with an amazing opportunity to support the growth of agile coaches from all over the world in one single event. My motivation for this event, it’s to end up with a space where Latin American agile coaches can share our knowledge and help each other hone our craft together long after the event is over.

This wouldn’t be possible without the support and commitment of Agile Coach & Leader Ileana Barreiro, who’s helped with the content and securing speakers, and who shares this same vision and is passionate about being part of this amazing agile community.

We are working hard to curate the most amazing talks and workshops that will challenge us to unleash the great potential that lies within.




Mark Summers

I have been supporting Agile Coaching Retreats since 2013 and they have played an important part of strengthening the community and contributing to the growth of Agile Coaching as a profession. The upcoming Agile Coaching Retreat feels like an opportunity for something a bit different, where we can focus on our growth as Agile Coach and reach areas of the globe that have previously been underserved.

This time around I have been working with Eva Gysling, Daniel Hommel and Zia Malik to curate a programme for the retreat in the EMEA time zone, a big thanks to them. We have mainly gone for speakers from outside of the Agile Coaching community to expose us to new information and to inspire us in new directions. Agile coaching takes much from other professions, and part of the learning journey is exploring coaching, facilitation, psychology, software development, business, organisational development, leadership, and teams, to name a few. The best agile coaches pull on the learning that best serves their context, but hold it lightly so that they may best serve their client.





Alex Sloley

I am super excited by this virtual event! My co-advisor for Agile Coaching Retreats, Tze Chin Tang, and I had huge plans for retreats in 2020. And as we all know, that has kinda changed now. So the Agile Coaching Retreat Live Online is very special to us, because our in-person events have been delayed for the foreseeable future. Tze and I care deeply about the APAC community and we have endeavored to invite the best coaches in the region to make a great event that everyone can learn in. Our strategy was to invite awesome coaches from as many regions as possible in APAC. We have coaching thought leaders from over 10 regional countries who are sharing their time and expertise to create the best agile coaching retreat program that you have ever seen! So for me and Tze, it’s all about uniting our coaches in APAC – creating and nurturing that community. We can’t wait to see you there!



We hope you’ve had the chance to get to know the Coaching Advisory Team a little bit better and how we are working on Agile Coaching Retreat Live Online. This event is the opportunity for all agile coaches, at whatever stage of their journey, to come together and to share, learn, meet new friends, connect with old friends, and have a wonderful time. We welcome all of you and hope to see you there!


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