5 Miro Templates the Scrum Alliance Scrum Masters Cannot Live Without

Image of a scrum master writing on a kanban board depicting agile project management.

Get the Retro Man Retrospective, your new favorite lean coffee template, and more Miro templates our in-house scrum masters swear by. 


Scrum Alliance Original Miro Templates

Certified Scrum Professional ® ScrumMaster Cody Wanberg's Retro Man Retrospective template | Miroverse

Engage your team with a truly retro retrospective, featuring Pac Man-style check ins that help open up the conversation about sprint satisfaction, value of the work done, and level of motivation.


CSP®-SM TJay Gerber's Lean Coffee - Meetings without Agendas template | Miroverse

Put the most important conversations first with an easy template for lean coffee conversations with any group. First, everyone adds potential discussion topics, then the topics get a brief introduction. Then the group gets to rock the vote to decide its priorities. 


Monogrammed Rainbow Dot Voting

During voting exercises, it can be helpful to have this rainbow of monogrammed circles for activities such as dot voting, scales, radars, or constellations. 



Miro’s Most Useful Templates for Scrum Masters

Sailboat Retrospective Template & Example for Teams | Miro

Often, retrospectives help teams understand the conditions they experienced and those they face going forward. Use this retrospective template to identify the supportive winds as well as the anchors that hold them back.


Stickies Pack Template & Example for Teams | Miro

Sometimes all you need is an ever-satisfying rainbow of (virtual) sticky notes to get a scrum team working together to generate new ideas and communicate what is on their minds.


Venn Diagram Template | Free Venn Diagram Maker | Miro

Connecting the dots, or the overlapping concentric circles, is as easy as putting this template in front of the team and letting them run.




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