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3 Benefits to Keeping Your CSM Certification Active

by Scrum Alliance

At Scrum Alliance we understand the barriers you face as a Certified ScrumMaster®. Receiving your certification was the first of many steps on your agile journey, and we are here to provide exclusive benefits to help you thrive. Let’s continue together with quality training, resources, tools, and the world's largest active Scrum certification community. Access to all these benefits are only available if you maintain your Scrum Alliance Certification.

CSM Renewal Benefit #1: Exclusive Tools

Renewing your certification grants you exclusive access to a variety of tools. Tools like the Comparative Agility Personal Improvement (PI) tool which is only available through Scrum Alliance to active certified ScrumMasters. This tool is where certified ScrumMasters go to assess their current skill level, find opportunities for growth, and have discussions with peers through a community board. Within the community board you will find that you have direct access to certified agile experts. The resources you find in the PI tool will help you grow as a ScrumMaster, giving you skills to succeed on your team, and greater career opportunities. The ScrumMaster PI tool – including the Community Board – is only available to active certified ScrumMasters. 

Included in your active ScrumMaster Certification is a premium subscription to Comparative Agility, a $299 yearly value. This tool focuses on team development and leverages the world's largest agile assessment database. You will be able to quickly and reliably benchmark and gather information, gain insights, and take actions for your team and organization. This will allow you to assess how your agile team is performing compared to other agile organizations unlocking continuous improvement thinking for your entire company. 

CSM Renewal Benefit #2: Certification and Training 

Learning can be one of the hardest parts of your journey, and with your certification you have access to industry leading coaching, resources, and training. Scrum Alliance certifications are some of the most recognized in the agile community. Our curriculum receives regular updates to ensure you stay current on agile and Scrum best practices. Classes, which are led by industry expert trainers, will leave you educated and inspired. On an NPS (Net Promoter Score) scale from -100 to +100, we are proud that our CSM trainers average score is +81. You can start your path to becoming a Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP) now by investing in an advanced certification


Stand out as an applicant by proving your dedication to your agile journey. Our curriculum includes access to content, training, webinars, and volunteer opportunities which will earn you Scrum Education Units (SEUs). Earning SEUs are required to renew your certification. It’s easy to do and it will help you stay relevant and competitive in the market. When you become certified with Scrum Alliance, you'll be joining a community with over 1 million certifications.  You can rest assured that what you’ve learned is based on most current Scrum educational standards in the industry.  

CSM Renewal Benefit #3: Community and Support

Lastly, we know community is a key to success in learning and sharing knowledge that you’ve gained along the way. With over 150 user groups in 32 countries, you can unite with agile and Scrum practitioners across the world. Syncing up with the agile community will leave you with experiences that can validate the hard work you’ve done. With the knowledge you gain, Scrum Alliance gives you the freedom to shape the future of Scrum, changing your world of work! Through volunteering opportunities you’ll have direct access to service agile communities. Along with our gatherings, both in-person and virtual, the Scrum Alliance community is there to help you thrive in your career. 

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Scrum Alliance is a 501(C)(6) non-profit, meaning your renewal helps fuel communities and user groups all around the world, including the communities that are underserved.  Our mission is to help everyone who wants to improve their Scrum and agile journeys.  We are transforming the world of work.  Support new Scrum and agile communities around the world by renewing your certification today.