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by Scrum Alliance

At Scrum Alliance, we believe being agile is a continuous learning journey.

That’s why we are passionate about delivering valuable articles, case studies, and videos.

We are currently accepting article submissions from Scrum Alliance CSP-level certificants and Guides community (Certified Scrum Trainers, Certified Team Coaches, and Certified Enterprise Coaches). 

Our intention is to share your articles in our Resource Library and on our social media channels. We invite you to share your voice and expertise with the greater agile community, based on these submission guidelines.

Your article should

  • Have a learning objective and tell a story

  • Adhere to the Scrum Alliance Code of Ethics

  • Be original content 

  • Be content that does not appear on another site or platform
  • Be copy-edited and reviewed for spelling and grammar

  • Preferably be focused on at least one of the following topics: 

    • Agile Careers

    • Agile Coaching

    • Scrum Fundamentals

    • Agile Leadership

    • Agile Teams

    • Business Agility

    • Community

    • Scaling Agile

    • Software Development

    • OTHER

Your article should not

  • Contain more than three external URLs, and those URLs should be validated

  • Be used as a public relations, self-promotion, or marketing tool to promote a company, service, or business

  • Be written or created by someone other than the person(s) submitting


Submission Tips

Article formatting

  • Title: should be appropriate and informative, and be submitted in title case (limit to 60 characters)

  • Subtitle: one-liner sharing more information about the article content (limit to 160 characters)

  • Author information: provide your full name and a one-paragraph biography featuring your Scrum Alliance certifications, along with your contact information (e.g. Scrum Alliance profile, LinkedIn, website)

  • Word count: minimum of 1,500 and maximum of 2,500

Article images

  • Attach a photo with copyright sharing permission to be used as a banner for your article (optimal size is 1920x1080 pixels) 

  • Attach a high-resolution digital photo of yourself to be used with your author bio

Submitting your article

  • Send your article and attached images to with the subject line “Scrum Alliance Article Submission”

  • Articles should be submitted in editable Google doc or Microsoft Word format, in English. 


  • As a service to you, we will check for factual accuracy and grammar prior to publishing on our site. 

Our team will review each submission and retain ultimate control over 1) acceptance of the submission itself; and 2) the presentation of the final published work. Scrum Alliance may share your article on social media accounts, email campaigns, and newsletters. 

Please email if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your participation and we look forward to receiving your content.